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A board for rules and other relevant information related to roleplaying, Clannad, or Dango Daikazoku.

Dango Chronology

Information about site characters and canon are recorded here for all to see. Players can post their own character's plots and arcs.

Announcements      ⍯20 • ⌕54

Site-wide announcements and activity checks will be posted here.

Rollcall - October 2019 by Densetsu Karu Oct 3, 2019 12:55:08 GMT -6

🍡 Character Development

Character Applications

All applications for characters are to be posted here. They will be moved to their appropriate board once approved.

Hinata Dai (WIP) by yadriel Aug 22, 2021 20:43:57 GMT -6
Approved Characters      ⍯15 • ⌕53

Approved characters are kept here so that players have a reference for how characters look or act during threads.

Kamiya Kanako by Okazaki Tomoya May 7, 2021 18:43:47 GMT -6
Roleplay Development      ⍯32 • ⌕232

A board used for developing your writing or roleplaying skills. Plotting, critique requests, or guides all belong here.

Open Threads Listing by Densetsu Karu Sept 22, 2019 12:39:20 GMT -6

🍡 Roleplay

Hikarizaka Private High School      ⍯91 • ⌕985
Set on top of a long, steep hill, this is considered the best school within the city. It has two buildings; a newer building that holds the classes, and the old school building where clubs are set.
Sketching Away (OPEN) by Hizashi Sakura May 19, 2020 15:56:31 GMT -6
Hikarizaka City Park      ⍯14 • ⌕139
A gentle and calm place in the growing city. The small park is a popular place for families to picnic and for students to hang out after school. It contains a tranquil manmade lake and plenty of nature.
Birth of a Hero [Erina] by Yasuda Erina Feb 10, 2020 19:18:15 GMT -6
Residential District      ⍯17 • ⌕171
An area of the city that is abundant in housing and apartments. The homes here are newer and more lavish compared to the ones located downtown.
Happy Birthday, Iryna by Fuukami Haruka Dec 27, 2014 20:06:21 GMT -6
Shopping District      ⍯30 • ⌕407
A shopping area that has recently experienced a growth in commercial establishments. A popular hangout after school or on weekends as it offers many stores, restaurants, and entertainment areas to the general public.
A Night of Shopping by Sonohara Chitose Mar 4, 2020 16:43:03 GMT -6
Downtown Hikarizaka      ⍯12 • ⌕88
As the city expanded, the older areas became known as 'downtown'. A mixture of residential and commercial, the area has a small town feel in contrast to the bustling newer areas of the city.
An Evening Stroll [Nakamura] by Nakamura Hanako Sept 9, 2019 19:35:11 GMT -6
Another World      ⍯15 • ⌕72
Create threads and storylines that are completely separate from the main site canon! Explore what-if scenarios, alternate universes, or roleplay as a different character entirely.
On the Hillside Path Where Idiots Flutter by Densetsu Karu Sept 15, 2017 23:51:34 GMT -6

🍡 Out of Character

General Discussion      ⍯55 • ⌕355

A board for general out of character discussion, should you happen to prefer forums over using Discord.

Clannad Group Watch by Densetsu Karu Aug 12, 2019 22:28:14 GMT -6
Arrivals and Absences      ⍯86 • ⌕438

New user? Going on a hiatus? Introduce yourself or let others know how long you'll be gone.

Good morrow~! by Sonohara Chitose Feb 4, 2020 23:33:32 GMT -6
Advertising Spot      ⍯75 • ⌕79

Want to affiliate with us, or just advertise in general? Then this is for you. Guest-friendly for optimal service.

ninja tales [noncanon boruto site] by susu Sept 21, 2021 19:58:00 GMT -6
Character Archives      ⍯136 • ⌕395

Old character apps for future reference. If your application was placed here during an absence, let us know and we'll move it to the active boards.

Kanda Yuzuru | WIP by eeriewhispers Oct 20, 2020 17:25:21 GMT -6
Roleplay Archives      ⍯43 • ⌕408

Old roleplay threads from deleted boards (such as ones used for festivals) are placed here for future reference.

F...Fearless! by Hayashi Yuki Feb 19, 2016 15:44:06 GMT -6

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